Disso America 2020 Online

The Society for Pharmaceutical Dissolution Science is an India based organization. Its mission is to advance Dissolution Science and Technology, and to organize Dissolution Science conferences among professionals in the pharmaceutical industry and in academia worldwide. The newly inaugurated US Chapter of the Society for Pharmaceutical Dissolution Science will was planning to hold Disso America, a scientific conference focused on Advances in Dissolution Science, on Sept 10th & 11th in Somerset, NJ.

The goals of the society and the conference were to:

· introduce the Society for Pharmaceutical Dissolution Science to the US.

· expand horizon and link Dissolution Scientists, the pharmaceutical industry and academia in the US and the Americas with their counterparts in India

· to establish a baseline with respect to

· challenges associated with dissolution testing,

· current developments in in-vivo predictive dissolution methodologies for drug products

· the future direction of clinically relevant specifications and the regulatory landscape

Due to the ongoing outbreak of COVID-19 disease, we have decided to hold the conference online and in a reduced format.